Carlo and Roberta have almost 40 years after having toured the world backpackers, decide to stop in the Romagna and put them on the family, so nascono Federico Riccardo 05 and 97, travel became more rare, but not the desire to know and meet people, so after a trip to Ireland was born the idea of B & B decided to fix the villa to accept and accommodate.

Lovers of the green and outdoor life, enjoy the warm and summer is our favorite season, we can not live without the company of animals and so after taking ducks, chickens, peacocks and goats (died of old age) we decided that the best friend is the dog and for us to breed Lagotto Romagnolo curly and nice, that we select and train for the search of truffles.

For our small farm, the sale / purchase is part of the search for greater contact with people in everyday spending prefer to buy food from local producers.

Supporters convinced of the need to adopt sustainable energy practices, we try to use the car as little as possible, produce compost from vegetable scraps to fertilize, recycled rainwater and install solar panels as soon as possible, many small actions that can seem anything but even the ocean is made up of many drops, and then always remember the words that I said an Indian in the Lacandon forest in Chiapas to my question if I could help them economically told me that the best thing I could do for them and return to my land and preserve it and respect it as they had done for centuries.